Lockdown 6.0 FFS

What do I even say.

I posted about the second lockdown this time last year. To say I’m over it doesn’t even begin to cover it. I usually try to be funny but I’m struggling with this one. Promise to write something lighter soon. I clearly have time on my hands.

Here we are again in full lockdown. And we’re here due to less than 100 cases. I really don’t know how I feel about all of this. I understand the need to keep everyone safe, but at what point do the safety measures cause more issues. Hard to say as Covid causes actual death. It’s gone a bit crazy in New South Wales, not quite sure they’ve got the hang of this lockdown thing. With so many cases still out in the community that border is remaining slammed shut. Which also means I can’t even visit the family I have in this country. (They are probably secretly relieved that their stash of vodka is safe).

Little did we know when we stepped into the first lockdown 18 months ago that we would still be dealing with this now. We were all so excited to see the back end of 2020, and now 2021 doesn’t feel much better, and we’re all keeping nervous fingers crossed that 2022 is the one.

I know I’m lucky and I have to take time out to make sure I remind myself of all of that. But for fuck sake people, when is this going to be over?!

I’m an English person who is just about to become an Australian citizen. I love it here, the lifestyle (when allowed out of my apartment) is great, the job opportunities and when the weathers good (which trust me is not all the time in Melbourne) this place is paradise. But none of us moved here to never see our families again. I’ve talked about my love of holidays before. But the main reason for that love is that for three weeks every English summer time I get to hang out with my family and friends back home.

That trip is essential, I call it my family battery recharge. The FaceTimes are great, but literally nothing can replace just sitting in the same room as someone not even talking, just being.

You can see the fatigue on everyone’s faces, this time around. There we all are back in our little computer windows. Trying to find the right things to say to support each other when all we really want is a big hug and a magic wand to make all of this go away.

It’s weird as I get excited for all holidays. Even little weekends away, I’ve normally planned my wardrobe for the trip a month in advance. Now as each new snap lockdown appears and another trip bites the dust I’m realising that I’ve never actually got excited for these trips, as I never really thought we were going.

So what do we do? We keep going. We get vaccinated (I am proudly double jabbed) and we keep everything crossed that we are going in the right direction.

I’m continuing to master the art of random hobbies and visiting my bubble friend to brush up on my gin rummy skills and play fast and loose with wine and Jenga.

We breathe through the anxiety, and we keep checking that everyone else is ok as the action of checking on them means you keep yourself going too.

It will end and just thinking of the holidays, fun and reunions to come is pretty exciting.

But if there is not some kind of banner waiting for me held by weeping family when I finally make it home, there will be trouble!

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