I’m recovering as I write this, from something that becomes more traumatising the older you get. The hangover. Or at least that’s when I started writing it, then I had to have a little nap and forgot about it for a few days. Also why are they called hangovers, if they were a literal hangover… Continue reading Hangovers.

So tattoos?

What do you think? I’m a fan, but it’s true that they are so main stream now it’s almost a rebellion not to get one. I had my first experience 20ish years ago when I decided to go for the classic lower back tattoo of the time. They do say to regret the things you… Continue reading So tattoos?

Double Christmas!

Christmas in Australia is amazing. Sunshine, swimming pools and everywhere is quiet as everyone is off on summer holidays. Only problem is that for a girl from England this couldn’t feel less like Christmas. It should be freezing, snowing if possible and everywhere should be manic and busy. Shops should be rammed and opening later,… Continue reading Double Christmas!