What’s in a name?

I settled on Sneakers, Martinis and Sequins. A peak inside my mind, and things I love to look at. 

It’s probably more like “My sarcastic opinion on stuff, with some shiny things thrown in” but that’s a bit long winded.

Let’s start with the #sneakers 

So being English, I always say trainers. But the whole SMS thing works. 

I have a bit of a trainer/sneaker addiction. I’ve always been a bit rubbish at heels, and at 5ft 8 since that awkward teen phase, I didn’t really want to wear them. Now I love my height, and want to stomp along looking fabulous in heels. I have this vision, 4 inch stilettos, amazing sunglasses, coffee in hand. The weather is also much better, I’m in New York, and I look a bit more like Christy Turlington in the 90s. 

Snap back to real life, anything skinnier than a block heel and I look like a new born foal. I’ve probably fallen over and spilt that coffee on myself. 

So thank the gods of fashion (and working in a casual office) that trainers have become the must have footwear. 

I now own an embarrassing (totally not sorry) 24 pairs. 

I feel this is actually good for health and safety (reaching here, but got to justify the spend somehow?) Those who know me can attest that I’m am the proverbial walking accident. It’s like my brain doesn’t quite reach all the way to my feet. I’ve got better, but still bump into many door frames and walls. I don’t think I go a week without a new bruise! 

I’m quite picky about my favourite footwear. I fell in love with #adidas back in the 90s, and am now just re buying the shoe wardrobe from my early 20s. To the point where it actually upsets me to think of the ones I lost from back then. Prime example is a pair of denim superstars. Yes actual denim. Lost to the backpacking gods. Stupid tropical rain storms. 

#nike has also sucked me in. I mean Airs, Sky High Dunks, Jordan’s, High tops and Thea’s, what!!! 

Here’s a look at the pairs currently in heavy rotation. #jordans #gazelles #thea #stansmith #superstars #nikeair 

I have yet to succumb to New Balance, Reebok or Golden Goose. I’m a lover of a box fresh trainer, so can’t get on board with this pre distressed thing.  

What will I do when trainers are no longer fashion? I can honestly say I don’t care. Fun of being 40. I can now pick and choose trends, and reject the ones I don’t like. 

Fashion is great it ebbs and flows, but style and my love of sneakers is set in stone. 

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