Vodka & Coffee, what could go wrong?

So Martinis, to be more specific it’s Espresso Martinis. Also affectionately know as “a kick in the face”. A sophisticated wake up call. Warning don’t drink more than 4 really strong ones, bad times and it’s impossible to sleep!!

I can’t remember who introduced me to my now signature drink. I think it was my sister in law in Bar Valentino. Valentino’s is a tiny cocktail bar above a restaurant in Brighton (the U.K. one). Many a good night and many a cocktail was had in there. All their cocktails are amazing. I don’t discriminate when it comes to cocktails. (Unless they include Southern Comfort. Bleurgh. Terrible teenage incident means I still can’t smell it without the flashbacks!!) 
I think it’s just a coffee addiction too, started by my Mum. We used to go on the bus into Watford to buy fresh bread, and freshly ground coffee. I would then spend the whole journey home smelling the coffee, and eating the end of the bread. A+ parenting. 

Now if you enjoy a coffee based cocktail, moving to Melbourne is a good idea. Let’s face it, I thought I knew coffee, then I moved here and became a total coffee snob. It is my mission in life to try them all. Some are rotten, but I’m willing to put in the hard yards just for you in the name of research. Your welcome.

I’ve learnt how to make a good one myself. It’s pretty basic, 2 measures Grey Goose, 1 shot Kahlua and a shot of coffee. I use my Nespresso machine and a Livanto capsule.
But it’s all about personal taste. 

I’m working on mastering some more. I’ve got the mojito down, but am still having trouble with the Cosmo. Difficult thing is I make a few, obviously taste test them, then don’t really remember quite why it was wrong. 
This also runs to a slight obsession with the equipment. Meet the Vintage cocktail cart. Bought on a day trip to Sorrento. The lady in the antique shop actually seemed annoyed that I’d bought it as she had to rearrange her stock. Not sure she had totally grasped the concept of retail. 

I had to stop myself buying a whole cheesy bar, similar to something Del Boy might have. I just didn’t have the space. But it still haunts me, stuck in the land of the purchases I didn’t make but always wish I had. I sometimes think I should have been around in the 20s hanging out in speakeasys. But then there’s the whole Great Depression thing, kind of puts me off. Also trying to dance a charleston in those shoes. It would never work out. 

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