The Monochrome dilemma 

I love wearing white, and light bright colours generally. Now you wouldn’t really think this as I still exist under a shroud of black and dark colours. Grunge teen to Londoner to Melburnian. All things and places have a love of a darker hue of clothing. Now I need all these black tee’s (just tee’s, there’s a whole load of other stuff but we would be here all day).

 They each offer something slightly different. Black is cool, no one can judge black. 

But white, there is nothing like a fresh white tee, a crisp white shirt, or a light summer dress. There’s a problem though, I am possibly one of the messiest most accident prone people in the world. 

I seem to attract mess, I won’t make it home without dropping something down my front. If I manage to keep my lunch off myself, I will then splash coffee whilst washing up my mug. For example, I wore this dress on holiday. 

On my way back through the hotel whilst juggling shopping bags, a water and a coffee, the coffee slipped and splashed on me. But miraculously just hit my shoulder. For that split second I looked down and thought I’d dodged that bullet, but then my friend who had run to my aid accidentally threw her coffee at me. ?? How? I am a mess magnet. 

It’s actually a family trait. My brother just seems resigned to the fact that he will drop something down his front at dinner. My Mum can’t eat chocolate without getting it around her face. I don’t even know what to say about my Dad. He was the proud owner of a pale pink shirt, known as his curry shirt. He was bored of dropping food on lots of different things, so he just wore this shirt whenever he went for Indian food. It became so stained I think you could have used it as the base of a good curry sauce. My Mum could finally take no more and threw it away. He was devastated. 

So clearly there’s no hope for me, it’s genetic. I will continue to attempt to lighten my wardrobe, but maybe just in the mornings. It will never make it past lunch. 

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