So fitness, who knew?

One minute you’re enjoying your daily afternoon twix and coffee. Next minute it’s a green tea and a protein bar. How does this happen? At what point did I turn the corner from unfit 38 yr old, to 40 yr old gym addict? I’m still not totally sure. 
I blame my Dad. He has a love of anything sweet, leading to some pretty crappy blood sugar. I was also heading to having blood that could possibly pass as syrup. 

I changed jobs, coming from a company where a trip to get coffee and some peanut m&ms everyday was a necessity for retaining sanity. To another where it’s the norm to count your macros. I’ve never gone that far. I spend too long working on spreadsheets in the day to have to track my food in one too.  

So there I was feeling a bit guilty about my daily chocolate consumption. I decided I’d join a lovely gym. One that smells fresh and is full of yoga and pilates. When a friend very sensibly told me to stop being such a ponce and join a normal gym. I’ll be honest I had a look round and was a little intimidated. It really is a proper gym with massive blokes pumping iron. But look a bit closer and the girls were holding their own. 

I took the option of a kick start session with one of the PTs. I’m not fit I thought, but I’ll be ok. Turns out, totally not ok. One session of basic squats and step ups. Just a few exercises for about 20 mins to ascertain my range of movement. Killed me!!! I could barely move the day after. Now it could have gone either way, I could have gone “sod this, I’ll just be unfit and happy”. But I went with option two, and hired that PT to actually get me in shape. Call it vanity and fear of 40, but something had to be done. 

So here I am 18 months later. I’m not your traditional gym bunny. I complain my way through every session, but I also never give up. I fluctuate between 5 to 8 kg less than I used to be and have actual visible muscles. I think I’m addicted to that. Apparently it’s the release of endorphins, for me it’s more of a release of smugness that I’ve managed to do this. I actually dislike it the whole time I’m working out, and can’t wait for it to be over. But I even managed to train whilst on holiday in Vegas, so sad! Being with other people helps, they can keep you going and take your mind off the actual activity. 

It also allows me to eat more. I do seem to be on the perpetual hunt for snacks. I eat my breakfast, and I think about what snack I can have. While I’m eating my snack, I’m thinking about lunch. 

I saw an advert in the window of a chemist last week. It was two pictures of different old ladies. One was stretching getting ready to jump in the pool, the other was doubled over her walking frame being helped by a nurse. It asked “What future are you building?” Bit scary, I think that and the ability to continue to eat cake will keep me going. 

My plan is to be a very sophisticated old lady, who can also squat her body weight!!

(I should add the note that I wrote this a few weeks ago, and life got in the way before posting. Since my appendix disaster I’ve been a bit rubbish. I couldn’t train, and I’ve started main lining Peanut M&Ms again. I need help. Time to find a new PT!!!)

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