How do your clothes make you feel?

Is it how you express yourself, how you hide yourself, is it all about comfort, or just some stuff you put on your body because being naked all the time is frowned upon?

I always think even people who try not to conform end up looking like all the other people trying to do the same thing. It shows the tribe we belong to, whether we like it or not.

I love clothes. I love buying them, wearing them, talking about them, looking at them in magazines and on social media. I am absolutely lost in the art of couture. The Dior exhibit at the NGV last year was as impressive to me as any other fine art show.

Does that make me shallow? Or is it just another small aspect of my personality that adds to the complex whole.

Would I be me without my love of trainers, roll sleeve tees and anything shiny, I don’t think I would. It makes me feel good, and that in itself is often enough.

I wrote a couple of blogs ago about the fact that I dress however the hell I like, fuck what people think. But even though that is empowering, was I really thinking about my personal life versus my work persona?

I spoke last time about my struggles with stress and anxiety. Being so far away from home and family, sometimes the lines blur between work and home, as you don’t have quite so much support on hand outside the work environment. I know they are only a phone call away, but those real life hugs are the best.

I had blurred those wardrobe lines too in my current role. It’s such a casual office you can live in jeans and trainers. But was that giving me a more casual, less professional mind set? So to reestablish those lines it’s time to change it up. Now this is actually exciting. Also when feeling a bit small, making myself taller is definitively empowering. (I’m 5.8 in my bare feet). My feet aren’t really thanking me at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll get over it. The heels are back (block heels and boots, I’m still ridiculously clumsy). It definitely adds a different feel to the day, even if it’s just blisters?!

It’s actually fun raiding the archive and finding clothes and shoes that I haven’t worn forever. These shoes are one of my faves.

Bought in the Topshop sale, I wore them to my interview at Debenhams, and again on my first day. I love that they hold that memory for me. I knew there was a reason I always kept hold of this stuff. Also a great excuse to add to the wardrobe too!

So I get to be two different me’s, both pretty epic in their own way. How will you tell us apart? That’s easy, one of us will be taller x

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