Insert funny comment…

What do you do when your mind goes blank? I am never without a funny comment or comeback. Annoyingly now and again it’s just a bit too late. Those are the moments that kill me, if only we could request to redo the argument so I can really burn you. #controlfreak.

But right now stress has got me. The dark clouds have rolled in. It has a bit of a grip on my personality. How does that happen? I am full of ridiculous stories, I will always find the funny side of it all, even at my own expense. But the well is dry.

Hence the lack of blogging. The whole point of this was to make people laugh and show some shiny things. But what do you do when things take a darker turn? Well you get back on the proverbial horse. It just might not make you chuckle quite as much but I’ll give it a go.

So let me tell you about my Nan’s funeral (I did warn you things have taken a darker turn). I’m usually the worst person for laughing at inappropriate moments, E.g being told off as a child, don’t laugh at your Mum! When your new friend is explaining how her Nans dog killed her cat! This is not funny! (So funny). So this is how I came to find a funeral just a bit too funny, not to mention the funeral of her paramour Lew a few months before.

So let’s start with Lew, poor old guy died in summer. The day arrived for the funeral. A really beautiful hot sunny day. We decided to split the hearses in to girls and boys. So the car with the coffin first, followed by the girls, then the boys. We were all quiet and withdrawn. But we got stuck in traffic. We were stuck for a while, on a hot day. So of course we started chatting, mainly about how hot we were. Then my Aunty drops in, “well poor Lew, he must be roasting”. This is the most inappropriately funny thing we had ever heard. So of course we were all in hysterics. Just as we started to pull ourselves together, mainly due to the disapproving looks of passers by and the guys in the car behind, we see the priest who should be taking the service sprint past. He had obviously been caught in the same traffic and was scared he would be late. But seeing him sprint past in his full outfit just pushed us over the edge.

Obviously it isn’t funny that my Nan died, I was really upset about this. I’m not a monster. But the funeral itself was just ridiculous. My Nan was very Irish and very Catholic. Unfortunately not long before she passed, so did her priest. So the guy taking a the funeral was an American, covering the services until they could find someone more permanent/appropriate. We lost Nan just before Christmas, so step one in the Church was moving the Christmas trees out of the way. But they left the giant flashing coloured lights on?? The priest then started telling us about our Nan. My Dad and Uncle had the chat with him before. Told him how generous she had always been, she wasn’t the best cook but whenever anyone had come round there was always plenty of food for everyone. The priest then preceded to tell us what a great cook she had been? Add to this the crazy singing from the random people who just come to funerals for fun, and the fact he had the voice of an televangelist about to ask us for money. I was in hysterics. This is not appropriate!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. Luckily I was in the front row, so anyone looking at the back of me would think I was crying. But that part time priest must of though I was a total freak!!

Stress and anxiety is not really a new one for me. I’ve always been a worrier, I know it’s of absolutely no help. But neither is being told “don’t worry”. When in the history of worrying has that actually worked?

But maybe my Dads key bit of advice is the best here. “Best foot forward and brass it out” basically fake it till you make it. I guess I’ll give that a go. Fingers crossed I make it soon.

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