Are the weather Gods against me?!

I am sitting on a station platform trying to avoid the rain. I normally drive into work, but today is our divisional Christmas party. It’s summer in Australia so we are having a barbecue and playing a round of adventure golf. The decision was made after last years successful one playing lawn bowls in the sun. I missed last years as I was back in the Uk supposed to be having fun, instead I was having my appendix out.

I organised this years, and of course it’s freezing and Melbourne is experiencing record rain falls and flooding.

Seriously WTF!!

I organised a stand at Camberwell Market a couple of weeks ago. I went the week before to check it out, it was beautiful weather. I even got a tiny bit sunburnt. Cut to the following weekend and it rained solidly for the entire time until we drove out. It was then sunny all afternoon.

I went to the Caulfield Cup this year. Got an amazing ticket for one of the private areas. Free flowing booze and food. I have never been so cold in my life. I knew it was time to leave when all I could think about was hot chocolate and puffer coats. Although I did get sunburnt again during the 20 minutes the sun came out.

Yes, those are some serious goosebumps.

I’m trying not to take this personally, and I know Melbourne is not like the rest of Australia when it comes to the reliability of the seasons. But come on. Really?!

It’s not that I think I’m all powerful (well not all the time). But when I forget my sunglasses it’s sunny, and it’s guaranteed to rain if I forget my umbrella.

This could be another genetic trait though, or just a long standing family curse? When my parents went to Death Valley a few years ago. (Context if you don’t know it. It’s desert just outside Vegas, one of the hottest places on Earth) It rained.

It’s become a family joke whilst we wait for them to arrive, if it starts raining we know they must be close.

This was bloody hilarious until it started happening to me.

I need to start seeing this as a gift. Maybe I should start going to drought ravaged places for holidays. Like an aid mission. But obviously if I needed it to rain you know it wouldn’t.

So it turns out the party ended up going off without a hitch. The sun shockingly came out on the way there.

But you then had 30 people all dressed like it was going to rain. Lots of black, we are in Melbourne after all. All roasting. We made it almost all the way until the end before it rained again.

We did almost get washed off the rooftop we were having a drink on after though, so I haven’t entirely lost my touch.

I also had time to finish this as I was supposed to be going to an outdoor Carols service with fireworks and everything this evening. The most Christmassy thing I normally do every year.

It was rained off.

Fucking typical!!

Merry Christmas x

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