What makes guilty pleasures guilty?

There are some very socially acceptable cool things that make me very happy. High quality cocktails in great bars with friends (and let’s face it crappy cocktails in crappy bars with the same friends are also good). Going to see gigs, open air festivals, trying new restaurants, and shopping for amazing stuff.

But then there are the things known as guilty pleasures.

I love bad films, so bad that they become good. Conair for one. A convict plane, very easily taken over by clever criminals, and run by stupid cops. It ends with John Cusack and Nicholas Cage chasing John Malkovich through Las Vegas on Motorbikes. ON MOTORBIKES!! Bloody brilliant! I have a very well educated friend in senior management who’s favourite is Under Siege, Stephen Segal, need I say more.

I also love Dolly Parton, it’s random as I really hate country music. But who can resist 9 to 5, or singing about that boyfriend stealing cow Jolene!

Why should we feel guilty about this? Who are the the judge and jury on what makes these things embarrassing? Is it a hangover from my teens where I just wanted to be cool. My brother was the cool one, played sports, DJ’d at Uni, lived in the warehouse conversion. I was busy failing my A-levels and living at home with my parents. (Obviously things have changed and I’m totally the cool one now, yeah right!) Is it social media, no one really posts a cracking filtered pic of the 1000 piece jigsaw they just finished. I’m old enough now that I just want to own it and really don’t care.

I’m now going to out the other things I love. None of these should be a surprise, let’s face it I do maths for a living.

I love sci fi, I love a jigsaw and have even been known to cross stitch!! So there you go. What are your guilty pleasures?

(Note: If it’s actually kicking kittens or tripping unsuspecting passerby’s you probably should feel guilty).

The one I actually do feel guilty about is the amount of sarcasm that comes out of my mouth sometimes. It’s tricky here where not everyone gets me. Trying to explain the more I take the piss out of you the more I like you can be confusing. Trust me 99.9% of the time I’m joking.

But I love laughing at other people and myself more than everything. It’s the best way to get through the day. Life is too short, so own those pleasures, guilty no more!

#guiltypleasures #sarcasm #mythoughts

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