What does dressing your age even mean?

I had one of those moments at work the other day where I had a little think about the way I dress. Just a split second, after a comment someone made. I was wearing my gold Converse with some frilly socks. A couple of people said they haven’t worn socks like that since they were 8, everyone had a good laugh, including me. But it got me thinking about age appropriateness, my general response to that is fuck what you think!!

One of my most favourite pieces of clothing is my black leather mini skirt, I wear it to death. I can’t imagine a time that I won’t want to wear it. But then I am fickle, It will end up being replaced in my affections with something else. But never because I think I’m too old for it. While I have the legs for it, and maybe even after. But you would never see me wearing it with stilettos and a tube top, oh no. I’m more of a boyfriend tee and trainers girl.

Leopard print is another favourite of mine. Let’s face it leopard is now basically a neutral. We’ve also already discussed my love of anything sparkly.

Now I know I can be just as judgmental about what other people are wearing, but that will never have anything to do with their age. You can look trashy at 20, and with a tweak or two the same outfit could look amazing on a 50 year old. (No excuse I know, but it’s more born out of frustration that they could look better, I know plenty of people that I wish would dress differently. The wrong clothes can age you, as much as the right ones can take years off). So it also doesn’t matter what I think about you, what the hell do I know.

I’ve gone through many different trends and fads, and I’m sure I’ve looked pretty ridiculous in some. There were some astonishingly bad outfits worn to Kudos in Watford. (Classic regional nightclub, sticky carpets and a smell of Lynx in the air). But I’m sure I thought I looked amazing! It was the 90s, there was lots of crochet and chokers. I spent my late teens in the land of grunge, welded into my Dr Martins, a Nirvana Tee and a floaty skirt.

I guess I’m saying that the most important thing about the clothes you choose is that they should make you happy. They aren’t just coverings for your body. They should be a reflection of your personality. Follow the tribe or stand out, or maybe even a little bit of both. Clothes are basically an art form.

I intend to wear more flamboyant clothes the older I get. Give me another 10 years and you shouldn’t be surprised that I start wearing a tiara and feather boa to the supermarket.

So It doesn’t matter how old you are, wear whatever the fuck you want!

As the legendary Iris Apfel says, “When the fun goes out of getting dressed. You might as well be dead”.

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